(CambridgeQuantum) Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) has announced that Honeywell Ventures has deepened its collaboration with CQC by investing in the company. The investment comes after a significant period of collaboration between CQC and the quantum computing division of Honeywell, which included CQC becoming Honeywell’s first beta user. Ilyas Khan, CEO of CQC said: “We areexcited to welcome Honeywell Ventures as a significant investor in CQC. The investment comes after a period of very close working cooperation, during which we have come to recognise the world class leading quantum computer that Honeywell has developed. It may well be one of the technology world’s best kept secrets for over a generation.”He added: “At CQC,we arecommitted to using the most advanced tools and devices to developthe world’sleadingquantum applications and products. Ourcutting-edgesoftware complementsHoneywell’s innovativequantum technologyandthis investment and partnership isof real significance in the overall development of quantum computers and theirreal-world impact on corporations and governments globally.”
In addition to announcing Honeywell Ventures’investment in CQC, Honeywell Quantum Systems(HQS)has published a scientific paper that providesdetails about the architecture of their QCCD (quantumcharge-coupled device) trapped ion quantum processor that will be the world’s most powerful quantum computer when it is released. CQC are proud and honoured to have been beta users of the HQS device that has led to this important scientific and technical achievement. The scientific paper can be accessed via the following link.