(GovernmentEuropa) The Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) forms part of the EU’s Quantum Technologies Flagship, at the cutting edge of quantum network exploration. The QIA aims to create the foundations of a quantum internet that can be rolled out internationally through the creation of quantum systems and infrastructure.
Encompassing all the advanced networking in the EU flagship, the project is tailored to the main target of future quantum networks. With an aim to increase the distance that quantum information can be sent over and to increase functionality so that potential network applications that the quantum internet can offer can be run. This involves an effort in the domain of hardware – making quantum devices – as well as software.
Stephanie Wehner, project co-ordinator at QIA, QuTech, Delft University of Technology, is keynoting the “Vision on a Global Quantum Internet”  tomorrow/October 30 at the IQTEurope 2019 event about the implications quantum internet can have for security and communication. Wehner was earlier profiled here in IQT news.