(I-HLS) A group of Chinese scientists have developed a method in simulating quantum computing that could also be useful in assessing quantum supremacy. The team, led by Wu Junjie, a leading expert from the National University of Defense Technology, proposed a method to realize an efficient simulator of quantum algorithms. They applied the method to study random quantum circuits, which can quantify precisely the memory usage and the time requirements of random quantum circuits.
Quantum Simulators Permit Study of Systems Impossible to Model with Supercomputer
Quantum simulators permit the study of quantum systems that are difficult to study in the laboratory and impossible to model with a supercomputer. Wu said quantum computers’ calculation ability has outperformed all supercomputers, and achieving quantum supremacy is a milestone in quantum computing development. Assessing this supremacy needs an efficient quantum computing simulator, which will also serve as a significant tool to accelerate scientific research on quantum computing, said Liu Yong, a member of the QUANTA team.