(DeccaHerald) India is planning a national mission to develop super secure communication networks using quantum technology.
A detailed project report on the national mission on quantum technology and application is being written. The mission will have components on basic research, product development and applications,” explains Urbasi Sinha, a scientist at Raman Research Institute (RRI).
With China making rapid progress, one of the focus areas in the proposed Indian mission is quantum cryptography. “Existing communication networks are secured by classical encryption techniques (like the RSA code) that can be broken by powerful quantum computers. “Classical cryptography is at risk. Quantum cryptography, on the other hand, is unbreakable,” said a scientist, who is aware of the mission but didn’t wish to be identified.
Last week RRI hosted a scientific conference, in which leading experts from all over the world came to Bengaluru to discuss the challenges ahead. Scientists associated with Chinese satellite Micius, the world’s only quantum satellite, also attended.