(TechChums) A team at Virginia Tech Chemistry and Physics has advanced Quantum simulation by devising an algorithm that can more effectively calculate the attributes of a molecule being tested in a noisy quantum computer.
The most important use will be simulating the molecular properties which can lead to advancement in material design and drug discoveries in the coming years. The classical style, however, complicates the process, delivering high errors and noisy calculations. Quantum Computers at present carry out different calculations that are far more efficient than the classical computers of the date. They are most akin to the Classical computers excerpts for the fact that they run sequences of logic gates in equations which are termed as “Quantum Gates” and which when put in a sequence forms the basis of the “Quantum Circuits” to the bits of information.
The second major advantage of the algorithm is that Barnes, Economou, and Mayhall designed it to accommodate itself on the basis of the molecular system being simulated by the design. Different molecules will authenticate their own circuits, uniquely tailored to them.