(SSLStore) Here are 10 things you need to know about quantum computing, quantum proof encryption, and how you can prepare.
#1: Google & IBM Made Huge Strides in Quantum Computing in 2019
#2: Quantum Computing Will Make Current Encryption Obsolete
#3: 71% of IT Professionals Say Quantum Computing Will Be a Large threat
#4:Encryption Is Everywhere – And It Will All Need to Be Replaced
#5: 83% Say Learning About Quantum-Safe Security Is Important
#6: 91% Say They Have or Are Discussing a Budget for PCQ
#7: We’ve (Probably) Got a Few Years Until Quantum Computing Is a Real-World Threat
#8: Cryptography We Do In 2019 Echoes in Eternity
#9: Now Is the Time to Prepare
#10: There’s Already an Open Source Library For PQC