(StreetInsider) 01 Communique Laboratory Inc. reports their new IronCAP X personal usage email encryption/authenticity product was launched on April 23rd and is now available free to individual subscribers. The new product is faster and more secure than current alternatives. It is believed to be the world’s first that is safe against conventional and future quantum computer attacks addressing the growing concern about email authenticity and personal information that can be collected, shared, and maliciously hacked.
IronCAP’s X personal usage email encryption/authenticity product offers low cost encryption/authenticity which will protect sensitive data from today’s cyber-security attacks. IronCAP X is free to individual subscribers and protects against today’s computer attacks as well as from the real prospect of future Quantum computer attacks.

To view a recorded demonstration of IronCAP X from the product launch presented on April 23, 2020, click on the following link: http://01ftp.01com.com/IronCAP/ICC-Presentation.mp4.
To download a free version of IronCAP X, click on the following link: https://www.ironcap.ca/ironcap-x/personal.