(BigNewsNetwork) 01 Communique Laboratory Inc. announced that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Nexusguard Consulting Limited (‘NCL’) to work towards a formal business partnership in bringing quantum-safe IronCAP cryptography technology (ICC) to customers in the Asia Pacific including Mainland China and Hong Kong. IronCAP’s cryptographic system operates on conventional computer systems so users are protected today while being secure enough to safeguard against future attacks from the world of quantum computers.
NCL enables organizations to comply with international standards designed to keep data safe and secure. As every organization has different strengths, vulnerabilities, and goals, we create customized strategies for your unique security needs. When your organization leverages our best-in-class services, you can rest assured that your systems and data are under the best protection.
NCL is 100 percent product and vendor-neutral with global coverage in San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei, Manila, and Macau.