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Zurich Instruments Hosting Virtual Launch Event Nov 17 for SHFQA Quantum Analyzer

(ZHINST) Zurich Instruments is hosting a virtual launch event November 17, 2020 for its SHFQA Quantum Analyzer. In this virtual launch event, Zurich Instruments will provide a technical overview of the instrument and discuss the strengths of its integrated, mixer-calibration-free frequency conversion scheme. We will also run instrument demonstrations to show you how to:
Measure a resonator at 8 GHz with only two microwave cables;
Perform the readout of 16 qubits in parallel;
Take advantage of the SHFQA’s feedback capabilities and integrate the SHFQA into a 10-instrument QCCS.
An extended live Q&A session will allow attendees to ask us your questions about the SHFQA – join us for this event!

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