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Zoran Krunic Sr. Manager Data Science, AMGEN; will speak at IQT NYC 2023

Zoran Krunic Sr. Manager Data Science, AMGEN; will speak at IQT NYC 2023.

Panel 3.2: Quantum Computing in Pharma and Materials Science

Zoran Krunic joined Amgen R&D in 2018, focusing on the application of Machine Learning to model patient outcomes and clinical trial enrollment using Electronic Health Records and clinical trial data sets. Since 2019, Zoran has led the Quantum Machine Learning initiative, collaborating with the IBM Quantum research team to evaluate machine learning models in the quantum domain on IBM’s Qiskit platform and compare them with classical machine learning models.

Recently, his work has centered on the evaluation of new generative AI models, particularly their application in the clinical space, combined with Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning. Prior to joining Amgen, Zoran spent several years at Optum, developing Machine Learning applications to predict hardware and software failures within enterprise architectures. Before his tenure at Optum, he worked as a consultant for several large companies including Capital Group, ARCO Petroleum, Southern California Gas Company, and PacifiCare. During this time, he specialized in data engineering, data warehousing, and real-time system development.Zoran holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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IQT New York 2023 is devoted to three days of coverage of quantum cybersecurity, quantum networking and quantum sensors. This must-attend event will be held October 24-26 at the Conference Center in New York City with a new sky-level exhibition space overlooking the Hudson River and the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier.
IQT New York is a 100% in-person only conference, offering 30+ sessions and 100+ speakers, and is New York’s quantum event. In addition to our usual topics, IQT New York 2023 will feature panels on the hottest areas in quantum such as Quantum AI, QKD-over-Satellite, Quantum Sensing in Healthcare, and the Emergence of the Quantum Internet. There will also be a new session on the Manufacturing of Quantum Systems.
Attendees at IQT New York 2023 will leave the event with the deepest understanding of the future of quantum technology. This conference brings together corporate management, entrepreneurs, end users, technology providers, infrastructure partners, researchers and investors who are looking for business opportunities in the quantum ecosystem. IQT New York 2023 takes place October 24-26 at The Conference Center, 636 11th Ave. (between 46th & 47th St.) in New York City.

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