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ZDNet’s 10 challenges for CIOs to tackle in 2022 include quantum computing

(ZDNet) ZDNet lists 10 areas that will be key for CIOs to focus on during the next 12 months explaining that “digital leaders who focus on these priority areas will help their business to steal a march over its rivals.”
Quantum computing is one of those top ten.

Start exploring quantum technology use cases
From creating time crystals to helping to discover life on other planets, quantum technology sometimes seems closer to science fiction than boardroom strategy. Quantum is often seen as difficult to understand and even harder to put into practice. Yet that’s no reason to not explore your options. Across a range of areas – such as quantum computing, communications and sensing – big tech companies and innovative startups are pushing quantum advances. CIOs should start exploring use cases now, so that they can explain to their boards how quantum might help to answer some of their business’ biggest questions.
Quantum computing: Getting it ready for business
What is quantum computing? Everything you need to know about the strange world of quantum computers

All priorities are listed here:
1. Assume responsibility for new business areas
2. Take customer experiences to the next level
3. Sell technology as a value generator
4. Proceed with care as you adopt automation 
5. Shape the IT department of the future
6. Manage data, security and governance effectively
7. Start exploring quantum technology use cases
8. Think about how the metaverse will expand
9. Don’t take your eyes off cloud-computing trends
10. Make sustainability a core business priority

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