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Zapata Announces the Integration of Qiskit and Orquestra

( Zapata has made the integration of Qiskit and Orquestra available via the qe-qiskit package. Together, Orquestra and Qiskit provide a frictionless path for quantum developers, allowing them to go from concept to a quantum workflow very easily. Orquestra abstracts the complexities of handling large datasets or working with many pieces of software, by codifying each step into containerized tasks, and exposes a simple programming language for declaring and controlling workflows.
This integration enables Orquestra users to leverage Qiskit functionality as part of their workflows. Qiskit provides developers a platform to build applications by providing them with tools such as pulse-level control, state-of-the-art compilers, and advanced algorithms. Qiskit is especially well suited to workflow systems because of its robust support for serialization, enabling “mix-and-match” approach of data and code within a Qiskit-enabled workflow.

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