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Yale to Explore New Building for Quantum Research and Engineering

( Following a key recommendation from a major university report on Yale’s science priorities, the university will consider developing a state-of-the-art building that is intended to transform the pursuit of quantum science, engineering, and materials research. Yale officials announced the initiative Feb. 25, after university leaders discussed it with faculty at a town hall meeting.
Two working groups appointed by Provost Scott Strobel will examine north Science Hill as the site for the potential new building.
One group will define a vision for how the space could most productively integrate existing resources and faculty from various engineering and physical sciences disciplines to advance the quantum science, engineering, and materials initiative outlined in the university’s science strategy report. The other group will advise the university on key technologies and their integration into a potential new instrumentation and technology development center within the building.
“It’s crucial that we continue to lead in this area, where we’re already the authors of so many technological breakthroughs,” said Jeffrey Brock, dean of science for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and dean of the School of Engineering & Applied Science. “It’s also vital that we modernize, renovate, and think ahead to the role instrumentation development will play in engineering and science. We must continue to develop the synergy between these critical areas of strength to ensure Yale will be the home of many more breakthroughs at the interface of physical sciences and engineering.”

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