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Xanadu collaborates with NVIDIA for quantum computing R&D

(HPCWire) Xanadu is collaborating with NVIDIA to provide native GPU support and high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities to the quantum computing researchers and developers working with Xanadu’s open-source software framework for quantum computing, PennyLane.

PennyLane offers a powerful and innovative differentiable programming approach to quantum computing. It seamlessly integrates classical machine learning libraries with quantum hardware and simulators, giving users the power to train quantum computers the same way as neural networks.

NVIDIA cuQuantum is a software development kit that consists of optimized libraries and tools designed to accelerate quantum computing workflows. NVIDIA GPU devices, coupled with cuQuantum, offer best-in-class performance for simulating quantum systems. Users can apply cuQuantum to accelerate standard quantum circuit simulations, as well as develop and test algorithms that may otherwise be intractable with standard tooling.

The quantum computing community can now leverage cuQuantum through PennyLane. This collaboration provides PennyLane users with HPC-grade performance enabling them to tackle a wide range of problem scales on cloud platforms and supercomputers in a way that is simple, effective, and incredibly fast.

“Allowing users to gain HPC performance with cuQuantum through PennyLane opens many doors for our research and development community. By using our plugin and the NVIDIA library, users can easily move from testing and developing hybrid quantum workloads on their local machines to running them on the fastest computing platforms. This allows users to get the best time-to-solution with a seamless transition, enabling the exploration of research questions that may otherwise have been too complex to examine locally,” said Lee O’Riordan, Performance Lead for PennyLane at Xanadu.

“The integration of cuQuantum and PennyLane will create a powerful simulation stack for quantum machine learning and quantum chemistry, equipping the active, growing research community to benefit from accelerated GPU simulations of quantum circuits,” said Sam Stanwyck, cuQuantum Product Manager at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA enables high-performance classical computing resources to push the frontiers of quantum computing research in collaboration with innovators such as Xanadu.”


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