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Will Quantum Navigation Replace GPS?

(CommunalNews) Currently majority of the world is reliant on the satellite navigation systems. GPS is one of the most popular systems. A satellite navigation device is a device that is capable of receiving information from satellites and then to calculate the device’s geographical position.
GPS systems are expected to be upgraded. The new navigation tools and services will be solely based on the quantum physics principles.
According to the US military, there is a new system in the development with the quantum navigators. These navigators can completely change the global search engines. Hence, it would make satellite navigation services less needed.
The quantum navigator is a size of the small diamond cube where nitrogen atoms are present in the ordinary carbon lattice.
The carbon lattice is when a large number of atoms are covalently bonded together to form a 3 dimensional network lattice. Moreover, when a green laser beam passes through a cube, these nitrogen inclusions emit red light, the intensity of which depends on the strength and direction of the magnetic field acting on the cube.
Therefore, the new device can be used as a navigation system and no need for satellites, as it utilizes the Earth’s magnetic fields.

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