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Will Quantum Computing Drive Future Cloud Connections?

(SDXCentral) Cloud connections will be an important link to the traditional software space enabling access to quantum computing systems. The prohibitive cost of quantum computing systems will not allow most organizations to have their own quantum computer and will instead have to rely on pooling access through a cloud connection.
Developers of quantum computer systems are tackling the quantum computing conundrum. D-Wave recently updated one of the processors in its Leap quantum cloud service that reduces environment noise and improves performance. I
IBM earlier this year unveiled its Q System One platform that is designed to bring the technology to scientific and commercial use cases. The company also has its Quantum QISKit software development kit (SDK) that uses the python coding language as a path for developers to tap into the quantum computing platform.
NOTE: The article includes a summary of a speech recently given by Murray Thom, vice president of software and cloud services at D-Wave Systems, laid out ways that quantum computing could power the next wave of software innovation. He told the developer-heavy crowd that when combined with a user-friendly software stack, quantum computing could allow those developers to push beyond increasingly complex performance limits.

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