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Wil Oxford, Founder and CEO, Anametric, will speak on “Policy and Market Factors Shaping the QKD/QRNG Market” at IQT Quantum Cybersecurity in NYC

(IQT-Quantum Cybersecurity) Wil Oxford, Founder and CEO, Anametric, will speak on “Policy and Market Factors Shaping the QKD/QRNG Market”at IQT Quantum Cybersecurity in NYC.
William V. Oxford, Ph.D. – Wil is founder and CEO of Anametric, a quantum photonic cybersecurity-focused startup in Austin, TX, working closely with a team at Southern Methodist University in Dallas TX. Wil received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science from University of North Carolina in 1987. His dissertation project was one of the world’s first tabletop E-beam testers for commercial ICs.
Wil moved from academia to Apple’s Advanced Technologies Group in Cupertino CA, where he worked on advanced DSP algorithms as well as mixed-signal IC designs for personal computer use. In 1995, Wil joined the Apple/IBM/Motorola Design Center in Austin, TX, where he was part of the team that produced several generations of PowerPC CPU designs. After Apple, Wil joined LifeSize Communications, where he led a small team of engineers to design and ship several ground-breaking products within 18 months from the day that he joined the company. LifeSize was acquired by multimedia giant Logitech in 2009.
After LifeSize, Wil founded Rubicon Labs, Inc. and spent the next dozen years developing Rubicon’s Zero-Knowledge IoT security platform. His work resulted in products spanning a wide range from very low-power edge devices to high performance server farm applications.
Wil left Rubicon in 2017 to found Anametric. He is the holder of 45 issued US patents, several foreign patents and has many more still pending.

IQT Quantum Cybersecurity New York October 25-27 is the first international conference and exhibition focused on QUANTUM CYBERSECURITY. Nine vertical topics encompassing more than 40 panels and talks, curated by IQT Research’s Lawrence Gasman, will provide attendees with a deep understanding on the current impact of quantum technology on cybersecurity and how it will evolve. Cybersecurity is of growing importance to business, government, and the intelligence/military in a world of hacking and geopolitical instability. IQT Fall 2022 will be primarily “in person” (limited virtual participation available) to ensure maximum networking and discussion missing from larger hybrid events.

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