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Who Will Hold the Quantum Keys to the AI Kingdom?

( As China, Russia, the United States and others race to gain an advantage with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, quantum-enabled AI may be the next evolution.
Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, has said that whichever country controls AI will be the ruler of the world, that Russia and China included AI in their military strategies in 2017. AI is considered a critical technology in the U.S. Defense Department’s 2019 strategy document.
Arlene Espinal, vice president, Analytics, Automation, AI and Innovation Capabilities Office, ManTech; recently discussed the ethical application of AI programs and noted that other countries do not place the same limits on the technology that the United States does. U.S. military officials, for example, have decided that AI and robotics technologies will always include a human “in the loop” to override the systems, if necessary.
Very soon the conversation will need to include quantum AI, Espinal added. “We’re having a conversation today around AI, and we’re still trying to discern and figure out how we move about in terms of applying it within certain sectors of our government umbrella. “We’re doing it now from a rudimentary perspective, but very shortly that AI conversation is going to start to transform and is going to start going into more of a quantum AI.”

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