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What’s Next for Quantum Computing?

( This author John Breeden II spoke with quantum scientists in 2016 and put together an explainer piece about the differences between quantum and traditional computers. There were still quite a few experts who doubted that quantum computing would ever achieve anything useful.
He notes, “Quantum computing has come a long way. ..” The fact that Google was able to achieve quantum supremacy means that they were not only able to calculate things very quickly, faster than any normal computer or even a supercomputer. It’s still an important steppingstone–even in the light of IBM’s disputing whether Google achieved quantum supremacy–and should be celebrated, if lightly.
What’s Next for Quantum Computing:
1) We have to better control the magic happening at the quantum level to weed out the incorrect answers and make results more accurate.
2) The second goal will be applying quantum computers to real problems, not ones made up in a lab to demonstrate a concept.

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