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VitreaLab: Quantum Technology for Integrated Optics Solutions

(NovusLight) VitreaLab is an Austrian company using quantum technology for the development of integrated optics solutions and next generation display products.
Inspired by quantum technology, they provide integrated optics solutions, ranging from simple lighting to visionary display products. VitreaLab creates innovative products by writing waveguides (light micro-channels) in glass, based on a unique laser-writing technology. VitreaLab’s innovative laser-lit chip will strongly improve standard LCDs and will unlock world-first full holographic display. By replacing the standard backlight unit of an LCD with VitreaLab´s technology, each sub-pixel is supplied by a dedicated light source with correct color, polarization and angular distribution. This significantly enhances the LCD’s performance in terms of energy efficiency, brightness, contrast ratio, and color rendering.
VitreaLab’s technology is based on the ultra-fine control of light within a thin piece of glass. Basically, light from an RGB laser is emitted through the side of a glass chip containing waveguides manufactured by femtosecond-laser micromachining (or so-called direct laser writing) of glass. Combinations of various waveguide structures are able to split, combine, steer and spread the light inside to produce millions of beams that can be used to create a variety of novel displays.
One of VitreaLab’s main challenges is to ensure their designs are compatible with low-cost mass manufacturing. For this reason, they have to be stringent in the design of their chips.
A second and related issue is the possible need to bring someone in to drive business development. Although their two venture capitalists are very hands-on and provide regular coaching, they have been thinking about eventually recruiting someone from the display industry with experience of start-ups to strengthen the business arm of the company.

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