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Vince Berk joins Quantum Xchange as Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer

(PRNewswire) Quantum Xchange is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Vincent Berk to the position of Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer where he will be responsible for charting the growth of the company and driving stronger alignment and integration between all revenue-generating functions of the business.
Berk comes to Quantum Xchange from Riverbed Technologies, a large network performance company where he served as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Security Architect. Recognized as a highly technical cybersecurity executive and industry thought leader, Berk is also a successful entrepreneur and academic. He founded and led FlowTraq, an enterprise network security and analytics company from conception to acquisition and served as a computer science faculty member at the prestigious Dartmouth College. Berk earned a Ph.D. in machine learning and large-scale data analytics from Leiden University and holds several patents in the application of data analysis in cybersecurity and network performance.
Berk joins a team of seasoned enterprise-security professionals passionate about bringing to market a solution that addresses present-day key delivery and management vulnerabilities and the quantum threat in a totally unique and innovative way. By 2025, the quantum security market (PQC, QKD, QRNG) is projected to reach $12B. Later this year, the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) is expected to finalize its shortlist of post-quantum algorithms and standards designed to resist the threat of quantum computers. The final PQC selection process is only the beginning of this multiyear cryptographic transition that will require nearly every organization in the world to replace their classic encryption with quantum-safe solutions. Quantum Xchange’s quantum-safe key delivery system Phio TX is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this market opportunity.
“The modern encryption ecosystem is dominated by a cryptographic monoculture that is vulnerable to a variety of issues – from quantum and stochastic computational methods to poor entropy and programming mistakes – causing industry to respond with a rapid diversification of encryption methods,” said Vince Berk. “Quantum Xchange has the technology, traction, and credibility that will be attractive to many as they look to implement crypto-diversification without having to completely rebuild their networks. I’m excited to be part of that journey.”
In his new role as CRO, Berk will be a key member of the leadership team and work closely alongside direct reports Gary Benedetti, Executive Vice President of Sales and April Burghardt, recently promoted Chief Marketing and Communications Officer and former Vice President of Corporate Communications. Both bring decades of experience in enterprise sales and marketing, Burghardt recently being named a Bronze Winner of the 2022 Globee Awards for Best Communications or PR Project of the Year with the Get Quantum Fit in 2021 campaign.

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