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Victor Land, Institute Coordinator, QuSoft, Has Agreed to Moderate ‘Quantum Emulators & Hybrid Systems’ at IQT Europe Oct 28

(IQTEurope) Victor Land, Institute Coordinator, QuSoft, has agreed to moderate the panel ‘Quantum Emulators & Hybrid Systems’ at Inside Quantum Technology Europe at 9 am EDT October 28.

Quantum emulators and hybrid systems
Moderator: Victor Land
Speaker 1: Steve Brierley — CEO and Founder, Riverlane
Speaker 2: Ariana Torres — HPC/Quantum computing consultant, SURF
Speaker 3: Richard Versluis — Principal Systems Engineer CSEP at TNO and Director Engineering of the Quantum Computing Division at QuTec

Victor Land is the institute coordinator for QuSoft, the Amsterdam-based Research Center for Quantum Software. In this role, he supports the directors of the center and acts as a linking pin to external parties, including the different universities involved in QuSoft. Moreover, he is part of the Quantum Delta NL team, that works to strengthen the quantum technology community in the Netherlands, as well as Quantum. Amsterdam, which seeks to initiate R&D collaborations towards commercially applicable quantum algorithms.
He has a background in astrophysics (with an MSc in General Astrophysics from Utrecht University) and physics (with a Ph.D. from Utrecht University and the FOM Institute for Plasma Physics). He researched early stages of planet formation in complex ionized media around young stars at the Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics, and Engineering Sciences at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, the United States of America as a post-doctorate and research associate. He continued his career in science support and policy as a program coordinator at FOM, working in the office for public-private partnerships, after which he was the project officer for the Applied Physics department at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

The IQT Europe event will provide presentations by exhibitors as well as numerous opportunities to network with fellow attendees and to have one-on-one discussions with exhibitors. Exhibitors will be presented live and attendees will be able to conduct live one-to-one meetings.

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About the Event:

This is Inside Quantum Technology’s fourth conference on the commercialization of quantum technology. Quantum technology has come a long way since we held the first ever quantum technology conference almost two years ago in Boston and our first European quantum technology conference in The Hague:

Six Reasons for Attending:

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