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Verizon & Zurich Instruments’ US Arm Added to Q-NEXT, DOE’s National Quantum Info Science Research Center

(ExecutiveBiz) The Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory has expanded a public-private partnership on technologies for quantum information management with the addition of Verizon and Zurich Instruments’ U.S. business arm.
Q-NEXT is a national quantum information science research center that seeks to develop technologies for quantum information handling, storage and transmission by pushing for collaborations among three national laboratories, nine universities and 12 quantum technology companies. Q-NEXT is creating its quantum technology roadmap and preparing to complete two national foundries that will produce standardized quantum materials and devices.
Verizon will contribute its networking and security expertise to Q-NEXT’s technology R&D roadmap development while Zurich Instruments will help enable control and measurement of quantum information through its advanced instrumentation in quantum technologies.
Zurich Instruments will also join all Q-NEXT major research areas, collaborating on projects and training the future quantum employees, among other efforts. “Our goal is to offer the best quantum technologies to support fundamental and applied research,” said Vikrant Mahajan, vice president of sales and operations at Zurich Instruments USA.
According to Argonne, the development of quantum information technologies could result in further improvements in secure communication channels, sensors and computers.

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