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Verizon Testing How A Quantum-Safe VPN Can Enhance Protection of Data Now to Thwart Hackers in Future

(TechRepublic) Verizon said it is testing how a quantum-safe virtual private network (VPN) can enhance the protection of data now in order to thwart hackers in the future. As quantum computers become more advanced, they will have the potential to break today’s public key encryption ciphers.
“Theoretically, hackers could capture data riding on networks today and store it until quantum computers have the power to break the encryption. It’s a little like stealing a bank safe today and holding on to it until someone discovers how to pick the lock,” the carrier said in a statement. Verizon and others believe the key to safeguarding information will be a quantum-safe VPN.
This technology works by using session key exchange security mechanisms or cryptographic ciphers that are designed to provide a higher level of protection. “Essentially, it’s a solution that enhances encryption methodologies today in order to make them even more difficult to hack tomorrow,” the company said.

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