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US Department of Energy Backing Unshackable Quantum Network in Chicago

( The US Department of Energy is backing a plan by scientists to create a network to be built in Chicago that will prove that quantum physics could provide the basis for an unhackable internet. The quantum network development, supported by the US Department of Energy (DOE), will stretch between the DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Acceleratory Laboratory, a connection that is said will be the longest in the world to send secure information using quantum physics. It’s not the first effort at building a secure network based on the principles of quantum physics. In January this year, scientists in China revealed that they are testing a satellite quantum key distribution network; while in the same month, an ‘unhackable’ satellite was used to host a completely secure video conference.
The way the quantum network works is by ‘entangling’ particles, another quirk of quantum mechanics that suggests that you can link two (or more) particles so that they are in a shared state – and whatever happens to one affects the other, even if they’re miles apart at the time.

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