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UofCalgary Welcomes Canadian Government’s $360 Million Commitment for Quantum Research

(HPC.Wire) The University of Calgary welcomes the Government of Canada’s investments in post-secondary education, research and innovation announced in Budget 2021. These announcements include: enhanced student education grants, pledged to create thousands of new work opportunities for youth and dedicated $360 million in new funding for a National Quantum Strategy to amplify Canada’s strength in quantum research and solidify Canada’s global leadership.
Through the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology and leadership in Quantum Alberta, UCalgary is an emerging leader in advancing quantum science and technology. UCalgary discoveries are already helping to establish Alberta as a national and international hub for quantum computing and related industries.
“Thanks to a unique collaboration of nearly 130 academics in computer science, mathematics, chemistry and physics, the University of Calgary’s transdisciplinary approach to quantum science is driving digital transformations.”
“Every day our world-leading researchers are tackling the big problems. From health sciences to climate change to what it means to be a citizen in 2021 and everything in between, this broad-based research enriches our society,” McCauley says. “Federal government support allows the University of Calgary to continue building an innovation ecosystem that will drive this country forward.”

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