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UNSW Sydney Researchers Create Quietest Semiconductor Quantum Bits on Record

( Researchers at UNSW Sydney have demonstrated the lowest noise level on record for a semiconductor quantum bit, or qubit.
“The level of charge noise in semiconductor qubits has been a critical obstacle to achieving the accuracy levels we need for large-scale error-corrected quantum computers,” says lead author Ludwik Kranz, a Ph.D. student at UNSW’s Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology (CQC2T) working with the Centre’s spin off company Silicon Quantum Computing (SQC).
“Our research has demonstrated that we can reduce charge noise to a significantly low level, minimising the impact it has on our qubits,” says Kranz.
“By optimising the fabrication process of the silicon chip, we achieved a noise level 10 times lower than previously recorded. This is the lowest recorded charge noise of any semiconductor qubit.”

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