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UNSW Offers Bachelor of Quantum Engineering Degree

(ZDnet) The University of New South Wales (UNSW) has opened applications for a term 3 entrance into a new Bachelor of Quantum Engineering degree.
For students not satisfied with a single degree, the university is also offering it in a double degree alongside a Bachelor of Advanced Science.
The university said students will study nanoelectronics, microwave engineering, and quantum technologies for advanced sensors, secure communications and computing.
The four-year degree covers a range of computer science, mathematics, electrical engineering, and unsurprisingly, physics and quantum mechanics topics throughout the course.
“As it stands, there simply aren’t enough qualified engineers to fill the jobs needing quantum skills in Australia — or anywhere in the world, in fact,” said UNSW Scientia professor Andrea Morello. “Quantum engineering is the microelectronic and microwave engineering of the 21st century.”
UNSW is the home to the Centre for Quantum Computation and Communications Technology, which is racing to become the first to develop a sufficiently powerful quantum computer that would change computing as we know it.

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