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University of Queensland Creating Quantum Sensor Technology that Could Offer Navigation & Communication for Automated Vehicles

(AnalyticsInsight) Quantum sensing is a less known, yet a lot more extensive field than quantum computing.
The University of Queensland is creating what it is calling the next-generation of sensor technology, which could offer super exact navigation and communication for automated vehicles.
As a feature of an A$6.6m (US$4.6m) project, the University of Queensland (UQ) is dealing with an activity to utilize quantum innovation for the new sensors. Quantum technology centers around building electronics componentry that are smaller and quicker than is physically possible today.
Quantum sensing covers motion– including rotation, imaging, acceleration, and gravity – electric and magnetic fields.
It will soon be conceivable to have a totally precise navigation submerged, to detect changes in gravity that uncover likely volcanic movement, environmental change and earthquakes, to screen brain activity on the go, and even to see round corners. Furthermore, in our regular daily existence, quantum sensing will make secure navigation, show us what is beneath our feet, and enhance medical imaging.
The UQ is working with the Australian Defense Force, NASA and technology organizations Orica Ltd and Skyborne Technologies for use in defense applications, and would open up the potential for use on autonomous vehicles.

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