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University of Copenhagen Develops Nanochip that Can Be Used to Build Future Quantum Simulator

(InnovationOrigins) The quantum technology designed by the researchers at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) has developed to such an extent that conventional computer technology can no longer keep up. They have developed a chip that can be scaled up and used to build the quantum simulator of the future.
The researchers developed a nanochip that is less than one-tenth the thickness of a human hair. The chip allows them to produce enough stable light particles, also called photons, that can be encoded with quantum information to scale up the technology.
New technologies present opportunities as well as new threats. One of the threats lies in the ability to break open encrypted data due to its immense computing power. As such, all data encrypted with mathematical equations is vulnerable to exposure to QCs.

Quantum Simulators May Address These Opportunities & Threat Arenas:
Bitcoin hacking
Traffic optimization systems
Vehicle design

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