Inside Quantum Technology

University of Leeds Researchers Identify Potential Quantum Properties to Store & Manipulate Data

( Scientists from the Theoretical Physics Research Group at Leeds have modelled why atoms in a quantum state defy one of the fundamental laws of classical physics – when energy is applied to matter, atoms reorder themselves to find a new equilibrium. Their hypothesis could also provide a solution to one of the big technical challenges with the development of quantum computers: the need to keep them at very low temperatures.
Dr Zlatko Papic, from the Theoretical Physics Research Group at Leeds, believes there is a practical application of this newly-identified spin process in the development of quantum computing. “On a practical level, it opens up the possibility that people can exploit these quantum properties to store and manipulate data. “One of the problems scientists face at the moment is that quantum devices have to be kept very cool because the data they hold is corrupted by high temperatures. That is not a problem with this system. It is very robust.”

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