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Universidad de Montevideo and Quantum-South collaborating to boost developments in quantum technologies in Uruguay

(QuantumSouth)  Universidad de Montevideo and Quantum-South signed a collaboration agreement to allow scientific and technological collaboration in fields of common interest, particularly in quantum computing. The research activities at the university led to different quantum initiatives which included the birth of a startup focused on quantum computing application. Both organizations will continue working together for the development of quantum computing capabilities in Uruguay.
Quantum-South is a startup founded by Universidad de Montevideo professors and students, that works on optimization applied to logistics and finance using quantum computing. The objective of the agreement consists of science and technology cooperation between both entities, focusing specifically on the scientific and technological development of quantum computing applications.
Dr. Rafael Sotelo said that in 2019 “we set up a multidisciplinary team at Universidad of Montevideo with professors and students of Civil, Telecom, Industrial and Computer Science Engineering to participate in the global Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge. We worked on Problem Number 5 for Aircraft Loading Optimization, made a submission and became one of the 5 finalists”.
Airbus jury members evaluated the proposals to determine both the scientific and quantum computing merits and the potential to translate into aerospace specific applications. From Airbus’ perspective, the proposals exceeded expectations and found them impressive with high potential. “The clarity of the formulations, despite the tight deadline, was really impressive” said Lee-Ann Ramcherita, Innovation and Marketable Services at Airbus Flight Physics.
Thierry Botter, Head of Airbus Blue Sky, concluded that “the quality of the submitted proposals also reflected the high potential for future industry-academia collaboration”.
In 2020 Universidad de Montevideo joined the Microsoft Quantum Network, a broad community made up of individuals and organizations collaborating with Microsoft to advance a comprehensive quantum ecosystem, develop practical solutions, and accelerate quantum education community. Being the first university in Latin America to join this network, Universidad de Montevideo uses Microsoft’s quantum development resources, including Q# and the Quantum Development Kit, to deliver quantum programming courses for students in the Telematics and Computing Engineering Programs and Masters in Applied Research in Engineering programs.
During 2020, Quantum-South participated in an acceleration program in Europe with IoT Tribe (London and Madrid) and shaped the structure and focus of the company. Since then, Quantum-South is being positioned as the only quantum computing company focusing on logistics for air cargo. In this journey Quantum-South is partnering with the top quantum computing hardware and platforms and addressing the main cargo companies.
Martin Machin stated that Quantum-South will offer internships and end-of-degree projects to Universidad de Montevideo students, both in Engineering and in other careers.

Within the framework of technical assistance between institutions, the following activities are contemplated:
1. Organization and participation in congresses and academic and professional symposia in the area at the national, regional and international levels.
2. Publication of academic and professional articles in the area at a national, regional and international level.
3. Lectures or seminars by Quantum-South professionals on topics of their specialty to Universidad de Montevideo students or the general public.
4. Joint research and development projects.
5. Reciprocal loan of laboratory equipment.
6. Participation of Quantum-South professionals in courses or seminars conducted by Universidad de Montevideo.
7. Reciprocal technical and logistical assistance, including the formation of work teams on specific engineering topics.

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