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UK-Irish Cosortium QuamNess Awarded £1.6M to Explore Thermodynamics of Quantum Machines & Technologies

(SiliconRepublic) UK-Irish consortium QuamNess has been awarded £1.6m to unveil the secrets of quantum thermodynamics. The grant was awarded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and Science Foundation Ireland (SFI).
The consortium, which is comprised of researchers from Trinity College Dublin (TCD), University of Bristol (UB) and Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), aims to explore the thermodynamics of quantum machines and technologies.
The consortium said that new research in this area could deliver minuscule devices that are able to make use of the counter-intuitive laws of quantum mechanics to outperform their classical counterparts.
The researchers plan to develop novel mathematical tools and powerful simulation methods to understand the fundamental principles behind the performance of the smallest possible engines.
With £1.6m in funding from the EPSRC-SFI grant, the consortium aims to work towards building a fully fledged understanding of how to engineer new technologies that benefit from super-efficient, quantum-enhanced thermal management

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