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UK Businesses Set to Triple Spending on Quantum Computing in Five Years

(TechHQ) UK businesses are set to triple spending on quantum computing within the next five years. The powerful, next-gen capabilities presented by quantum computing will see the proportion of firms investing in it jump from 11 percent at present, to nearly a third (32 percent) in five years.
While quantum computing remains “further off” in terms of its real-world application, there is excitement about its real world possibilities, e.g., such as in solving highly-complex scheduling problems in manufacturing and logistics, cryptographic security, or pattern-matching to anticipate scenarios such as traffic jams.
Accenture Technology UK & Ireland Managing Director and Lead, Zahra Bahrololoumi, cautioned companies not to spend on “tech for tech’s sake”. “[…] greater investment doesn’t always equate to greater success,” said Bahrololoumi. “Tech adoption for tech’s sake often yields limited results or value.”

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