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UCSB Physicist & Google Chief Scientist Martini Lauded by UCSB for ‘Paradigm-Shifting Research’

By IQT News posted 18 Dec 2019

(UCSB.News) Pierre Wiltzius, dean of UCSB’s Division of Mathematical, Life and Physical Sciences said this about UCSB physicist and Google chief scientist John Martini . “His paradigm-shifting research will forever change the way we think about what computers are capable of doing.” Martini and a group of UC Santa Barbara/Google scientists made history in 2019 with a demonstration of quantum supremacy.
“We were super excited that the experiment seemed to be working in winter of 2019,” Martinis said of the 54-qubit processor they call Sycamore, which they had fabricated in December 2018. Excitement turned into concern when the researchers encountered an unexplained potential drop in fidelity that threatened to derail their progress at the finish line, he recalled. The team worked feverishly to identify and solve the mystery, finding that the problem — thankfully — was a matter of calibration rather than some unexpected and complex interaction within the system. By late spring they had the data confirming that they had achieved what they had been working for years to do.
Martini Named as 10 Who Made a Difference in Science in 2019
Martinis has been selected by the journal Nature for its year-end feature “Nature’s 10,” which focuses on 10 people who made a difference in science in 2019.

Google’s Chief Scientist Discusses Quantum Supremacy

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