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UAE’s PQC Software Library a Shield Against Quantum Computer Attacks

By IQT News posted 16 Jun 2021

(Khaleej.Times) The UAE has announced the country’s first quantum computer and is also developing the first post-quantum cryptography (PQC) software library to safeguard confidential data against quantum computer attacks.
Top cryptography expert Dr Najwa Aaraj, chief researcher at the Cryptography Research Centre of the Technology Innovation Institute, noted that even though user data is secured in the UAE, any unprotected data may potentially be a target for a diligent hacker.
Dr Najwa said the advancement of quantum computers can be used by hackers for malicious purposes. “So, even though there may be cryptographic protocols that protect confidential data using strong cryptographic primitives, hackers try to break these protocols by exploiting implementation flaws or inherent design issues. While such protocols are currently effective, as quantum computing capabilities mature, they can make them less so because they are much faster than classical computers.”
“This ‘quantum threat’ applies to organisations globally, in particular those using a public key infrastructure. This is why post-quantum encryption is one of the safety measures being developed worldwide.”
Dr Najwa noted that the unveiling of the first PQC software library has placed the UAE in the same league of countries with advanced digital data security capabilities.
“The PQC library safeguards confidential data by protecting against quantum computer attacks. International and Emirati researchers at the CRC have developed the PQC software library that supports a wide variety of computer architectures and operating systems and will advance the cryptographic and security capabilities of Abu Dhabi and the UAE.”
“The PQC library has already been integrated in several secure communication products and CRC researchers will continue to develop it through incorporating more schemes in the future,” she said.

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