Inside Quantum Technology

U.S. Army’s Threat System Management Assessing Quantum Technologies

(GCN) The first phase of the Quantum Technologies for Threat Military Applications prototype project was awarded Nov. 26. EWA Warrior Services will receive just below $500,000 for global market research on current and future capabilities with a final report and recommendations for hardware and software prototypes.
The US Army is seeking a better understanding of the state of play in quantum technology and sought to identify and evaluate possible implementations of the convergence of quantum physics and electronic warfare. It also wants to know how the nascent technology might affect communications, sensors, navigation, precision weapons, drones, radar systems and cybersecurity.
Click here for a review of the grant award: The U.S. Army’s Threat System Management Office (TSMO) desires a comprehensive evaluation of current adversarial, non-adversarial, and commercial capabilities utilizing quantum technologies as a strategic means of delivering or supporting operationalized effects (e.g. Cyber, Electronic Warfare, Anti-Access Area Denial, etc.) against U.S. Military and Coalition forces. The evaluation is intended to show how current and future threat capabilities can be enhanced or materialized through next generation quantum technologies. 

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