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U of Delaware Joins Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance

( The University of Delaware has joined the Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance — a hub for quantum technology research, development, innovation and education that seeks to advance U.S. and regional leadership in the coming quantum revolution.
The alliance, referred to as MQA, involves university, government and industry partners in the region and is organized and being facilitated by the University of Maryland.
The University of Delaware has more than 30 faculty working on various aspects of quantum science and engineering, according to Matthew Doty, professor of materials science and engineering and UD’s lead technical contact for the MQA. UD researchers are developing quantum sensors to detect astrophysical phenomena such as dark matter, building more precise nuclear clocks, generating new algorithms to implement quantum error correction and developing new magnetic materials to transmit quantum information. And that’s barely scratching the surface.
“The Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance provides an important networking nucleus,” Doty said. “There are a number of working groups building connections between faculty and industry efforts in the different focus areas of quantum science, which are seeding potential collaborations. There is also significant discussion about the new educational paradigms needed to create the ‘quantum workforce’ needed by industry.”

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