Inside Quantum Technology

U of Calgary Project Awarded Major Innovation Fund Money for Quantum Tech Development

( The project led: Dr. Barry Sanders, PhD, Faculty of Science, at the University of Calgary is one of the groups awarded funding by The Major Innovation Fund supporting research and innovation investments to attract and retain top talent to support industries and local businesses. Sanders’ team of researchers is working toward establishing Alberta as a hub for quantum technologies by integrating the province’s internationally recognized academic excellence, partnerships and industry engagement.
The aim is not just to develop made-in-Alberta quantum technology but to also co-develop this technology with Alberta end users. These will include medical and geological exploration companies for quantum sensing, to telecommunication firms and municipal and provincial governments for quantum-secure communication, to Alberta biologists and chemists for quantum computing.
Partnering institutions: University of Alberta, University of Lethbridge, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

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