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Two Years of the National Quantum Initiative Act

By IQT News posted 28 Dec 2020

(Quantum.gov) December 21 was the two year anniversary of the National Quantum Initiative Act–ushering in a new era for American leadership in quantum information science (QIS). The landmark legislation called for several key actions by the White House and federal agencies, including the creation of the National Quantum Coordination Office, the establishment of research consortia and institutes, the launch of the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee, and an increase in Federal research and development investment.

Key federal activities supporting the National Quantum Initiative

*OSTP established the National Quantum Coordination Office in the White House to coordinate and facilitate Federal QIS policies, research, and programs.
*The White House announced a commitment to double quantum R&D investment over two years.
The Department of Energy launched five National QIS Research Centers, the National Science Foundation set up three Quantum Leap Challenge Institutes, and the National Institute for Standards and Technology launched the Quantum Economic Development-Consortium.
*The United States signed the first ever bilateral quantum research cooperation agreement with Japan.
OSTP and the National Science Foundation announced the National Q-12 Education Partnership, a first-of-its-kind private-public initiative to expand access to K-12 quantum education and inspire the next generation of quantum leaders.
*OSTP and the Department of Energy established the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee, which provides council to the Federal government from industry and academic QIS leaders.
*The National Quantum Coordination Office launched quantum.gov, the new digital hub for the federal government’s wide-ranging QIS activities.

Most importantly, the National Quantum Initiative is designed to harness the full power of America’s innovation ecosystem, bringing together the perspectives and strengths of government, academia, industry, and non-profits to drive American leadership.

Quantum information science continues to be a top emerging technology priority for the United States. Breakthroughs in the field will shape the future of health care, manufacturing, transportation, security, and beyond. We look forward to continued progress with the National Quantum Initiative and accelerating America’s leadership in quantum research, innovation, and discovery.

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