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Two Quantum Science & Technology Projects Awarded $1.5 Million of Funding from Australia’s Defence Industry Quantum Research Consortium

( Two advanced quantum science and technology projects have been awarded $1.5 million of funding through Australia’s Defence Industry Quantum Research Consortium.
An initiative of the New South Wales (NSW) Defence Innovation Network (DIN) in collaboration with a number of Australian universities, the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer committed $1 million.
Director of the NSW DIN Professor Bradley Williams told create that the projects were designed to raise the level of the technology, not just to advance the science. “The first project deals with quantum sensing of magnetic fields, also known as magnetometry. Sensing small changes to magnetic fields can be used to detect changes to a local environment and potentially determine what might have caused those changes,” he said.
“The second project involves quantum-enabled secure communication. Secure communication is critical to the financial sector and to other areas where the integrity of data and other transmitted information is essential.”

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