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Transport Giants Daimler & Delta Partner with IBM for Real-World Applications of Quantum Computing

( Transport giants Daimler and Delta have partnered with IBM to develop real-world applications for quantum computing technology. For the Mercedes manufacturer, it could result in electric vehicle batteries capable of travelling more than 1,000km without needing to recharge. For the world’s most valuable airline, it could mean vastly improved route scheduling, with Delta CIO Rahul Samant saying the partnership with IBM would allow the airline to “draw the blueprints” for quantum computers within the industry.
“[Daimler and Delta] join more than 100 clients already experimenting with commercial quantum computing… to tackle problems like risk analytics and option pricing, advanced battery materials and structures, manufacturing optimisation, fraud detection, chemical research, logistics and more,” said Jamie Thomas, general manager of strategy and development for IBM.
One of the first challenges quantum computers will work on at Daimler is in improving the capacity and charge speed of batteries, referred to by IBM researchers as the “Achilles Heel of electric vehicles”.

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