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Toshiba to Sponsor and Present at IQT- NY Fall Conference and Exhibition

(LinkedIn) Toshiba America, Inc. is the a vertical sponsor of “Quantum Networking and the Path to the Quantum Internet” at the Inside Quantum Technology (IQT) event on November 1-5. Toshiba’s sponsorship further cements its commitment and investments in quantum technology.
Inside Quantum Technology New York, is the largest ever event devoted exclusively to quantum technology business, consists of a high-caliber in-person and online program of keynotes and panels providing the latest information and analysis from the rapidly evolving quantum technology industry.

Toshiba’s presentations will include the following sessions:

“The events hosted by Inside Quantum Technology continue to be meaningful touchpoints within the quantum technology industry, where the best and brightest minds in quantum can come together and discuss this revolutionary technology,” said Shimada. “Toshiba is a proud sponsor of the IQT, and we always look forward to sharing Toshiba’s latest insights and innovations, along with having the opportunity to collaborate with our peers in the industry.”

Toshiba, the world leader in QKD patents, is working to develop a global platform for quantum information technology based on decades of scientific research on quantum physics. The company is also advancing a QKD service platform for service partners to build and trial quantum secure networks for innovative secure communication services to governments and enterprises.

For more information on the Inside Quantum Technology event, including the full agenda, visit the IQT website.

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