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Tommaso Calarco Opens Day Two of IQTEurope with Keynote “The Second Quantum Revolution”

(IQTEurope) The second day of IQT Europe opened with a first keynote from Tommaso Calarco, Director of the Institute of Quantum Control Research Center and the EU Quantum Community Network. Calarco discussed “The Second Quantum Revolution” since we are beyond understanding and predicting quantum science and are moving toward quantum devices and systems.
Application he mentioned include: ultra-precise clocks; medical imaging techniques; quantum key distribution; quantum computing; sensors; and simulators (quicker drug development).
A significant theme in Europe is that all groups (research institutions, academia, industry, enterprises and policy makers) work together to bring quantum technologies from the lab to the market. He calls this the Quantum Flagship of Europe. Calarco and his colleagues are striving to make Europe a dynamic and attractive region for innovative research, business and investment in quantum technologies.

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