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Time to Formulate Ethics in the Quantum Computing Field?

(Gizmodo) EeroQ is a startup hoping to begin the conversation around ethics in the quantum computing field.  The founders of EeroQ recently launched the website and released a paper to “start the conversation now.” Quantum computing companies are developing a product that carries enormous potential for both benefit and harm. Second, quantum computing has entered a new era in which the devices may soon find actual uses, and it’s unclear what those uses will be or how they affect us.
On a more cautionary note: Patrick Lin, philosophy professor and director of the Ethics and Emerging Sciences Group at California Polytechnic State University, believes that it could be hard to predict what consequences quantum computing will have. “We need to be very careful about taking action, i.e., creating policy, if much is still unknown,” he said, but added that we should be prepared to take action once an issue does pop up.

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