Inside Quantum Technology

Three Ways to Use Future Quantum Tech in the Enterprise

(SearchCIO) Quantum computing is sometimes referred to as the sixth generation of computing systems, and once it’s available, its effects will go far beyond cryptography. From AI to biopharmaceutical and biochemical processes, all will benefit from quantum technology.
IBM, Google, Intel and even several governments are racing for quantum technology, and it’s expected that quantum computers will be available in the next three to five years. However, the findings in the quantum world are not limited to quantum computing.
As quantum computers appear on the horizon, one of the biggest worries is they could easily break the current industry-standard encryption algorithms. This affects everything from blockchain to secure communications. But some are using quantum properties to offer unbreakable services.
The author suggests three uses for quantum tech:
1) Quantum key distribution (QKD)
2) Quantum copies
3) Quantum sensors

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