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Three Immediate Implications of Quantum Technology for Business

(CMS.Wire) Current trends show that quantum technology will become widely available to businesses as a cloud-based platform. This has three immediate implications for businesses:

  1. Early identification of competent technology partners who not only understand how the science is evolving but also can identify the value proposition for businesses and build quantum computing roadmaps. Essentially, the goal is to become quantum ready.
  2. Identifying areas in which quantum computing can be applied and how it will change your industry. While this is generally true for industries of every nature, organizations related to defense, healthcare and finance need to know the severe disruption this technology will trigger for practitioners.
  3. Building in-house quantum computing champions who work to build business-specific foundational capabilities. These champions will emerge from the set of employees familiar with data and at times quantum sciences. For the moment, given the paucity of quantum computing skills, building quantum champions must be done in collaboration with technology partners, research labs, universities and quantum communities.

For most businesses, the allure of quantum computing lies in its ability to accurately simulate a variety of industry-specific scenarios. For industries such as financial services, telecom and transportation that struggle to optimize solutions, quantum computing has just heralded a new era in agility and responsiveness. The most aggressive businesses will gravitate towards adopting quantum computing, that provides systems the superpower to squeeze complex processes and algorithms.

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