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The Use of Quantum Algorithms in AI Techniques Will Boost Machines’ Learning Abilities

(AnalyticsInsight) Merging quantum computing with artificial intelligence (AI) has been on the priority list for researchers and scientists. Even though quantum computing is still in the early phases of development, there have been many innovations and breakthrough.
The use of quantum algorithms in artificial intelligence techniques will boost machines’ learning abilities. This will lead to improvements in an unprecedented way. The main goal of the merger is to achieve a so-called quantum advantage, where complex algorithms can be calculated significantly faster than with the best classical computer. The expected change will be a breakthrough in AI. Experts and business leaders predict that quantum computing’s processing power could begin to improve AI systems within about five years.
One of the major expectations that people have from quantum computing is to have increased computational skill. It is predicted that quantum computers will be able to complete calculations within seconds that would take thousands of years to calculate. This futuristic and quick way of calculating will solve all the data problems in minutes if not seconds. The key to availing the transition is by converting all the existing data into quantum language.
Expected uses include:
Enhance warfighter capabilities
Applications in the banking sector
Help integrate data from different datasets

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