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The United States Needs a Quantum Computing Investment Strategy

By IQT News posted 30 Jul 2020

(ChargedAffairs) Policymakers must become better versed in the implications of the quantum future. Governments that fail to prepare for and harness its potential do so at their own peril.
Author Benjamin Verdi writes, “To accelerate the quantum future, the United States must embrace a two-pronged policy approach that assumes twin responsibilities as quantum’s primary investor and customer.”
1) The first prong involves crafting an economic policy that rewards and builds on the tremendous quantum breakthroughs to date.
While exciting, the quantum age stands to be expensive. Heavy up-front infrastructural investment is still the biggest burden to firms wishing to move into this space. Therefore, public funds must be stewarded toward innovators developing quantum computers sophisticated enough for real-world application.
2) The second component of US quantum policy relates to national security and will require serious cultural shifts as well as additional funds and regulations.
The national security perspective on quantum has thus far been disappointingly dominated by fear. Viewed purely as a threat, quantum computing cannot revolutionize US prosperity and security as it must in the 21st century. The United States’ national security agencies should embrace quantum’s capabilities, and its legislative bodies should proactively and intelligently invest in and regulate this awesome technology, the former ideally making the latter more palatable.

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