Inside Quantum Technology

The Realist’s Guide to Quantum Technology and US National Security

(Deloitte) Government leaders can prepare their organizations for the coming quantum future by taking simple pragmatic steps today. Deloitte Insights has prepared an extensive guide for government and non-scientific professionals to understand quantum technology and its implications in relation to national security.
Quantum information technologies will almost certainly have significant impacts on national security—touching everything from extremely secure communications to faster code breaking to better detection of aircraft and submarines.2 However, it is also clear that today we are unlikely to be able to predict exactly what those impacts will be. But for government leaders in national security who face significant stakes for getting things wrong, doing nothing is not an option.
Pragmatic leaders can put in place the infrastructure to allow their organization to capitalize on whatever developments quantum may bring. However, to get more specific about what government leaders can do today to be ready for tomorrow’s quantum world requires understanding what “quantum” itself is.
Topics addressed in depth in this report:
What is quantum?
The challenges of quantum mechanics.
Quantum’s uses in national security.
Quantum Computing
Quantum communications
Quantum metrology

What can this mean for national security?
Loss of secrets
Loss of intelligence

How to be ready today for quantum tomorrow.

NOTE: Worth the time for government and civic leaders (and interested citizens) to read through.

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